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Wedding guest books are usually a special book placed at your wedding; specially made for guests to leave their best regards and warm wishes.

But... Did You Know?

Wedding guestbook can be so much more than just a collection of your guests' lovely signatures. There are various way you can prompt your guests to leave a little love for the newlyweds.


Introducing "Memory Pit" ♡

wooden guest book frame

♡ Wedding Guest Book Frame with Wooden Heart Shapes ♡
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A new way for guests to 'sign' instead of just a regular guestbook. The usual guestbook is great; it encourage your guests creativity & the sweet messages just melts your heart down.

With "Memory Pit", it's not any lesser than that. Comes with tons of Mini Love for guests to write on, this customized pieces of art are just as lovely as ordinary guestbook. Present your wedding guest book frame with a bunch of heart shapes to complete your big day!

But why go ordinary when you can go extra, extraordinary on your big, big day with "Memory Pit"?!

You will love reading out their messages on the little hearts, in perfect display at home, after a long day celebrating your wedding. Even years after the special day gone by, this "Memory Pit" will stays intact, in great shape, safe and sound securing memories of the day.

It certainly won't just sit around or hiding in the shelf, collecting dust!


wooden guest book frame
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Ready to Impress! 

You know your guests will love leaving out sweet messages for you on your magical day. Place this interactive "Memory Pit" frame near the entrance or exit so they won't missed it.

Oh yes, it's perfect as part of decoration as well. "Memory Pit" blends well with wedding theme or any other theme. The use is NOT limited as wedding guestbook for wedding occasion only. Any memorable and precious event deserve a memorable token to be kept in style.



"Memory Pit" not only a great display as wedding guest book frame, it's also another creative way for guests to leave little notes behind or funny and sweet memo. 

You can use it for:Wenspot met houten hartjes Beautiful Botanics

  • Wedding day
  • Baby shower
  • Bachelor / bachelorette party
  • Birthday celebration
  • Engagement party or;
  • Farewell party 

It's a perfect decoration too! And makes a perfect gift for the ones celebrated.



1) Place Your "Memory Pit" & Mini Love; place it where your guest would pass by either the entrance, the exit or the gift area

2) Write Messages On Your Mini Love; let your guest write down their wishes or simply leave out signature on the Mini Love

3) Place the Mini Love in the Frame; carefully placed the Mini Love inside the frame and fill up your "Memory Pit"!


Full with Love Memory Pit


Isn't it gorgeous?

Get yours today!

Custom your own "Memory Pit" according to your preference. We cater custom shapes as well; let us know! We'll be glad to work with you  


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wooden guest book frame wooden guest book frame  



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