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Decorative, Custom Coasters for the Table?


Coasters are small, flat pieces which are utilized in homes and restaurants as a place for beverages to be set down. Coaster helps to prevent damage to the tables from condensation. Apart from that, these coasters may be used as decorative and marketing purposes.

Select your own coaster from various shape!

Square CoasterHeart CoasterRound Coaster


Product Series

Round, Square, Heart and Mini Round


Product Specification

Thickness : 0.65 cm
Material : Natural Ceramic
Printing : US and EU ink SGS certification

Coaster printing is our specialty, personalized and get your custom coaster today!


Coaster Marketing?

You Got It!


Coasters are welcome at the dining table, where people hang out or discuss over food and drinks. Coasters are extremely useful to absorb condensation from cold drinks and keep the table clean dry.

Imagine a group of young people, off from work and hanging out for dinner, waiting for the meal to come, it's only natural to focus on the closest things around and picking up things from around the table.  

This is the perfect place and timing for YOU to sneak in your brand. In the most thoughtful way too. Your printed coasters, with your brand on it, can make an impression and not in an annoying way too.





Wait... Are You a Designer?

Make coasters as part of your art work!

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Display your work & contact—and spread them around! 

Get the words & increase visibility—show off your work through coasters!


Our Coaster is As Low As RM6 / piece!

*terms and condition apply!
ased on quantity purchased


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What is Coaster & Why We Do Coaster Printing?

Comek Artisan strives to provide the best printed coasters for you. With maximum quality, at the best price!

What is coaster and why we do coaster printing?