Your Kickass Disney Queen Coasters!

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Hello there!

It's time...

To show off your Disney side!

With these stunning Disney beverage coasters!!!


Okay, seriously.

We had taken coasters way too seriouswe showed you the Star Wars coasters, a bunch of weird ones & Justice League coasters (omg Jason Mamoa!!!)so here's another one!

Are you ready for it?

Your kickass Disney Queen, coming at you, as ceramic coasters.

Mind you, we're not talking about that spinning roller coasters at Disneyland (which sounds awesome by the way)...


We're talking about the coolest coaster design ever!

Check these out...

Disney Princesses Coaster

Disney Princesses Coaster


So if you're looking for awesome gift for your kids birthday party (one that you can definitely use later unlike that toy they might break and toss in seconds) then these Disney drink coasters are perfect!

Perfect is not even the exact word to describe how useful and BEAUTIFUL it is.

Which is a rare combination for kitchen gear. it?


Well I insisted on these fabulous Disney queen coasters.

Adding up fun during dinner time, cover up your table from water condensation and there are various shapes to choose from - what else are you wishing for, people?


Because a dream that you wish will come true~



Contact us today for wishes come true (they really do these days!)


 Contact: +6 012 517 7336
 Website: (you're at it!)


Not a Disney Princesses' fan?

Not a problem!

Check out these various cartoon coasters (Cars, Lilo & Stitch & more!)

Cars CoasterMonster University CoasterDespicable Me CoasterMinions CoasterStitch & friends coaster.How to Train Your Dragon Coaster


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