What is Coaster and Why We Do Coaster Printing

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Let's get straight to the point...

First thing first,

What is Coaster?

Your drink plate or cover (also know as "alas minuman" in Malay) 😉

Coaster Drink
Image Source: Unsplash


Further explanation on the word "coaster":

Coaster origin as a small tray (moving around on wheels) for holding a decanter (wine bottles or jug) etc.

"Coaster" also refers to a person or thing that coasts (where "coast" means a line that forms the boundary between the land and the ocean or a lake) so that's probably how coaster derivation comes from... wait where is this going?!

Basically, coaster is a boundary between your drink & the table.

Are we clear?

And let's not dig deep into "why is a coaster called a coaster" because that's required a whole post already (coming soon *probably*)

And why are drink coasters called coasters? Like roller coaster??

Shouldn't we just call them "plate"?

We should definitely discuss that in a later post (though we already posted about these facts on coaster).


Let's continue!


Moving on from coaster definition...

It's safe to say that synonym for coaster drink is either drink plate or beer mat. Or beverage holder. Though saying it out loud sounds like a lot of words for something that simply hold your drink.

So "coaster" is perfect!


The perfect match to your coffee mug!

If you have personalized mug then the perfect match is personalized coaster! Place your drink on top of your ceramic coaster and worry no more about water stains or ring mark.

Our coaster: made of sand, silt and natural clay.

Coaster ART

These are the best drink coaster material since they are more environmental friendly compared to synthetic clay that are harmful to the environment and not suitable for food and beverages product.

Our ceramic coaster is also made using finer particle technology to produce high water absorption and smoother surface coaster.


Saving the surface

Let's talk surface!

The water condensation from your cold drinks either leave behind a watery ring mark or sticky stains from the sugar liquid. Having a coaster as your drink mat will protect your table surface and save you from all the fussy leftover.

Your absorbent drink coasters are also useful when it comes to large party. One less thing to worry about when your guests are all provided with a few beverage coasters.

Coaster drink to place your drink Coaster drink to place your drink Coaster drink to place your drink
Image Source: Unsplash

Spread them around your house. The coffee table, work desk, corner table, basically any places where anyone could landed their beverages!


Stay clean with your drink coaster!

If you're still wondering...

"Are coasters necessary?" or
"Is it important?" or even
"Is there any purpose of coasters?" 

Yes, people. Yes, yes and yes.

Utilized your printed coasters at homes and restaurants.

Useful as a place for beverages to be set down, coaster also helps to prevent damage to the tables from condensation.

Utilized them at your work place as well. Or place one near your working space.

You don't want any watery stain around your precious computer now, right? (Image Source: Unsplash)


Saving the surface --- in style!

Coaster Printing is all about printing your own coaster!

Coaster printing Malaysia is nothing new. Almost everything is customizable now so why not coaster too? So let's get personalized with coaster printing!

Coaster Printing also allows you to design your own printed coasters, choose your own personal images, write quotes or anything.

Disney coasters

Are you a designer? Or working in the art industry? Perfect, then! Cars Coaster

Another alternative for artist or designer to display your own artwork and  sell them as souvenirs. Or show off your work in your custom coasters as your custom gift!


Custom Coasters of 3 Shapes – you choose!

  • Square coaster
  • Round coaster
  • Heart coaster
Frozen & Brave coasters! heart coaster!

There are also...

Clear glass coasters, plain blank glass coasters, round glass coasters and many other marbles or see-through coasters. Which is irresistible and great...

BUT... There are limitation on printing them.

Translate: you can't really go crazy (and wild) with them precious glass coasters.

Why not?!

Glass coasters or see-through coasters are great for decoration but not really useful in terms of water absorption.

Looks good, feels nice but your dripping cold frappucino is going to stain the table and that is not fully fulfilling a coaster's purpose. And it's fragile too.

You get what it means, right?

Back to ceramic coaster printing!


So Why, Why and Why Coaster Printing?

Brand display on your coaster

Our coaster printing service are specialized for any business – big or small.

Especially for business industries involving food and beverages; coasters are simply essential.

Here's our previous discussion on:


Making dining session fun again! 

Let your family & friends enjoy fun dinner time (or lunch session) with your fun coaster theme.

There are various ways you can do this.

Coaster game, funny coasters to play around, weird shape coasters (see weird coasters here) and unique coaster designs that encourage engagement after having a great meal.

It's simple and fun! (Image Source: Pinterest)


Coaster gift!

Print your own coasters and turn them into a personalized gift. 

There are various style & designs you can think of!

You can print your:

✅ Photos
✅ Patterns
✅ Event title
✅ Calligraphic name
✅ Graphic design 
✅ Abstract design  
✅ Logo & motto
✅ Vision & mission
✅ Quote
✅ Etc 😍  

(Image Source: Pinterest)


It's almost the end of the post!

You get the idea yet?

Coasters have various use all at once. Protect the table and your beverage, decorative, various shape and awesome looking for your table too.

Coffee & Coaster Coaster & Caffeine Coaster & Coffee
Image Source: Unsplash



It's just the right things to put on your work station (after coffee)!

Who wouldn't love it to receive coasters as gift?

Last but not least...

Coaster Printing for your wedding gift

Get personal with your beloved families (and new family too!), your fellow bridesmaid and all your friends and guests when your personalized coasters with their names on it!

Well if not all, maybe some?

Or perhaps a 'Thank You' coasters as door gift.

That works too and super-unique! (Image Source: Pinterest)


See our previous post for wedding coaster ideas and gift:



There you go!

Personalized your drink coasters today with Coaster ART, your coaster printing experts!

Get quotation, send your enquiries HERE! 


*terms and condition apply!
*price varied based on quantity


Contact us right away!

☎ +60125177336

✉ sales@coasterart.com


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