Okay...you read that correctly.

This is definitely will be the wedding guest books you'll love—guaranteed!


Introducing...Memory Pit ♡ also known as Wooden Frame Guest Book!

Wedding Guest Book Alternative
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Also known as "Personalized Wooden Frame Wedding Guest Book" but here at Coaster ART, we called it "Memory Pit" ♡!

Yes, "Memory Pit" ♡ since it's gonna hold a whole lot of nostalgic memories upon it.


So... what is it, really?

This customized drop box with tiny & small wooden hearts is one of the unique way for a wedding guest book!

The usual wedding guest book is...a typical book (nothing wrong with that though!)

But if you're looking for something that's not usually done, this rare guest book should do it!

 Custom 3D Wedding Guest Book Alternative
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"Memory Pit" ♡ is a form of guest book (again, not a book, obviously) in a frame shape. Yes, like a photo frame but it this frame could fit around 50~100 pieces of little hearts with notes on it.

Cool, huh?

This gorgeous framed guest book is suitable for wedding occasion, engagement party, bridal shower or even a bachelorette party!

As a unique alternative to the traditional guest book, it's perfect for a once in a lifetime event. But this "Memory Pit" ♡ is also perfect for any memorable event so don't worry, place them during any kind of event you wish!

Wedding Guest Book Alternative - Tiffany Blue Memory Pit double as Home Decor
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Wait...how does it work again?


Ask your guests to write lovely messages on the wooden heart pieces which is then slot into the frame.

This Guest Book is the wonderful way to have you guest sign! These can also be used for Wedding, Baby showers, Birthdays, Retirement Parties! Any design and any text is available! Unique Wedding Guestbook Alternative 
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Preparation details:

  • Display this guest book frame at your event.
    Make sure to put it at the entrance or exit, so your guest won't miss it!

  • Next to it, prepare a box or a jar to store the tiny wooden hearts.
    Don't forget to toss in a few markers and highlights!

  • Put up a cute sign to ask your guest to write down messages.
    This way, they will gladly to grab a pen, write a notes on the little hearts & then...put them in the frame!

Easily done!

By the way, if you're expecting a thousand guests (or more), customized your guestbook frame to be in large size. So that more guests can sign & leave behind sweet messages for the newlyweds.

White Framed Guest BookImage Source: x


Relive your special day over and over again with this unique and decorative guest book, "Memory Pit" ♡! 

We mentioned a few more decoration ideas featuring "Memory Pit" , see it here :)


What's next...?

In case you're wondering: what do you do with the "Memory Pit" after the occasion?

Well, here's the best part.

Personalized Wooden Hearts Wedding Guest Book
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Your guest book—now full with warm wishes & lovely notes—can be placed at home, wherever suits you.

Hang it, place it at the corner, at your bedpost—who would've thought that your guest book can be double as home decor, huh? Perfect.

Memory Pit can be use later for decoration purpose. Rustic, Wooden Wedding Guest Book as Wall Decoration
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There you go!

We elaborate more on "Memory Pit" ♡ here. Check it out! Sweet Thoughts - fun idea for an alternative wedding guestbook!

Good news: you can order & customize your own "Memory Pit" ♡ here at Coaster ART!

Each "Memory Pit" ♡ package contain:

  • 1x Frame Guest Book
  • 1x Jar of Wooden Hearts
  • 50x 1.6 inch Wooden Hearts
  • 50x 1.3 inch Wooden Hearts

The "Memory Pit" ♡ frame is originally brown wood and it also features a glass front so it can displays the little hearts clearly, perfect to be view over and over again.

We provide various shapes for the frame to cater your event! Shapes available are: Heart, Bottle, T-shirt, Jar & Rectangle shape.

Wedding Drop Box with Personalised Heart Memory Pit Sample Photo by Dot2Dot.
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Let us know if you wanted your own version of "Memory Pit" ♡!


Contact us today!

☎ +60125177336
✉ sales@coasterart.com

Or become our agent! Details here.

Where else you can get a nice wedding guest book that can transforms into wall art? One that's actually seen by the couple, not dusting away in the store! *wink*


Have a nice day!

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