How (and When) to Use Thank You Coasters

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Coasters are great as gift. Well...since you are HERE at Coaster ART Blog, we discussed quite a number of times regarding coasters as gift.


Because it is useful!

Printable, a drink's best friend & protective tool for your table.


So... why Thank You coasters?

Well, coasters are great as Thank You gift. It also works for all kind of events & you can stop thinking there. Thank You coasters, done, that's it, that's all you need.

Simple, right?


Let's see HOW (and when) you can use Thank You coasters as part of your special gifts!


1- Party Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are essential for small parties. And parties usually cater a close family & friends. We suggest paper coasters or soft board coasters (available on Coaster ART) as your Thank You coasters.

There's tons of ways you can use it...

Maybe for your elegant theme party? Bachelorette party, bridal shower or even engagement party!

Thank You coasters for Elegant Party Thank you coasters for wedding reception table setting
Image Source 1 | 2

Works for the kids party too!

Birthday Coasters: Thank You from Cowboy Friend
Mermaid Birthday Theme + Coasters Thank You Thank You Pink Coaster
Image Source 1 | 2 | 3

Well you look at that? Ain't that something~

Match the coasters with the theme party! It's brilliant as part of goodie bags, told you before!


2 - Premium Gift

Think coasters are just ordinary...thing?

Box it!

Triplet Star Wars Coasters + Box
Image Source

Star Wars geek could go crazy over this! Present them to your Jedi-craze friends (or brother).

Too good to be used, huh?


If you're looking for something meaningful for teacher's day or your family, here's a few coaster-y idea:

Any Miss William here? :)BASKETBALL COACH TEAM GIFT STONE COASTER - thank you gifts ideasOne for Dad!
Coasters & its Own Easel Stand!
Bee-themed Coasters for Mum <3 For Super Mom!
Image Source 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Awesome people deserves these awesome gifts after all! <3


3 - Wedding Gift 

Wedding soon?

Give out your own personalized & custom 'Thank You' coasters to all your family & friends!

A little extra too for your VIP guest & fellow bridesmaid!

Modern Custom Wedding coastersForever & Always coasters  Thank You coasters
Image Source 1 | 2 | 3


4 - Wedding Guest Book with Coasters!

Well if y'all never heard of various style of Guest Book, step aside... and go here (come back with a smile) :)

These coasters are perfect as a-piece-of-advice for the newlyweds, from the guests!

Words of Advice for the Mr & Mrs

Advice for the Newlyweds! Advice for Mr & Mrs
Image Source 1 | 2 | 3

It's another way to thanked your guest for being there during your big day! Also, a piece of advice won't hurt....

Okay lah... where's the 'Thank You' at? It's here...

Custom thank you flowers frame round paper coaster - watercolor gifts style unique ideas diyThank You Beverage Coaster - thank you gifts ideas diy

Image Source 1 | 2

You can throw in 'Thank You' paper coasters right after your guest write out their advises. Kinda 2 in 1 here... As a gift & as encouragement for them to participate with the guest book thing. Haha, just an idea, try it! Why not, right?


5 - Corporate Event

Instead of the ordinary paper bag with a 'Thank You' sticker on it, step up your game a little (come on people!) and do this instead!

Be it for a grand launching party or any corporate event that involved a huge number of guests, there's plenty of ways you can use coasters!

Like this fella:

Professional Coaster Goodies for Administrative Professional Day 

Cool, huh? Image Source


Let your coasters spread the words!

Print out your information on it - your website, contact & a small hint on what you do.

With a great coaster design, people will actually want to use your coasters & all the information you put on top of it, will be noticed. Give it a try!

Thanks For Being Awesome [Letterpress Coasters with Red Edge Painting]
White 'Thank You' Coasters
Image Source 1 | 2

Or if you truly appreciate your guest for attending the event, a simple Thank You coasters would be fine. Any token of appreciation is always appreciated <3


6 - Cafe or Restaurants

What else are coasters for??? To thank your customer!

Also...a bit of props idea as well.

Coffee shop coasters

And you can promote your 'Must Try' products or 'Top Sell' item on your coasters too!

 Beverage coasters
Image Source 1 | 2

Who knows, while they're hanging out for lunch at your cafe, they would notice the small ads and order up!

Hello... coaster marketing remember?



Picture of QR Coasters 

QR code scan coasters. Why?

Because curiosity sells!

Spread around your coasters in bar code like the image above, surely people can't stand the urge to find out what it is!

It could lead to your website, your apps or your social media. Use it wisely! 


There you go!

At the end of the day, what matters most is your guest felt welcomed, thanked & appreciated with these coasters!

Doesn't really matter how you twist up &  remix the design for your 'Thank You' coasters, even a simple wording 'Thank You' is good enough as long as it is beneficial for your guest (and beneficial for you as well!)


Order up your coaster with Coaster ART today!


Contact us at +6 012 517 7336 or email us at for your very own Thank You coasters, we're happy to help!

Happy day! xo

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