Couple Hanger - What Is It For?

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Wondering how couple hanger is really necessary? Wait...what is it for again?


Well... For starter, hanger is used to hang clothing.

Usually it is used at home, for everyday use, to hang clothes in your closet or to dry them outside.


But... Couple Hangers? Hmm

What is it for?!

Let's see... Couple hangers are actually customized hangers for couples. Either comes with carved names or initials or labelled, the choices are many. The hangers still hang clothes, so don't worry—nothing weird about it!


Personalized Wedding Hanger

Wedding alerts!

What is more special than these personalized couple hanger?

One-of-a-kind gift for the newlyweds! Like this wedding hanger set for Bride & Groom—definitely added a special touch to any wedding day.

This wedding hanger set for "Bride & Groom" is perfect for photo-shoot purpose or props. It's unique; adding an extra memorable details for the bride & groom.

Other than "Bride & Groom", there's also "Kekanda & Adinda" and "Mr & Mrs" hanger set.

Or personalized your own!


Put your name on it!

Bride & Groom Personalized Hanger

Instead of the ordinary "Bride" and "Groom" or "Mr & Mrs", try customized your name (or the couple names that you wished to present it to).

See our shop to see our collection of couple hanger. We can't wait to see your version of these wonderful couple hanger!


Let us know!


Contact us today to get your very own personalized hanger!

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High quality, customized and personalized—just for you! If you want to see other personalized gift ideas, we posted them before, see it here! XOXO #couplehanger

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